Top 5 Water Problems in Homes and Their Filtration Solutions

1. Acidic Water and Acid Neutralizers

Problem: Many homes suffer from acidic water, identifiable by its ability to corrode pipes and leave blue-green stains on fixtures. The solution lies in acid neutralizers which balance the pH level of water, both preventing corrosion and the stains that come along with it.


Solution: A popular choice is the Clack Vortech Non Backwashing Acid Neutralizer, which effectively raises water pH to neutral levels. This system works for homes ranging from anywhere from 1-8 people and 1-6 bathrooms. It raises the pH by filtering the water through a natural limestone media, free of any chemical processes. This unit is simple to install, affordable, efficient, and easy to maintain -- it only requires calcite to be added every 18-24 months.

2. Iron Contamination and Iron Filters

Problem: Iron contamination, evident from rust stains and a metallic taste, can be a nuisance. These reddish-brown stains present themselves in your toilets, showers, bathtubs, and can even stain your clothing in the laundry. They make your home look aesthetically displeasing, and ruin your water for both cooking and drinking purposes.


Solution: Our Iron filters are equipped with Katalox Light, the best iron filtration media in the market. This system not only eliminates iron from your water supply, but also gets rid of: sulfur, manganese, lead and even raises your water's pH in the process. Our most recommended system is the Fleck 2510AIO Advanced Iron Filter with Katalox Light. This filter has left countless families happy and their homes free of iron and other contaminants.

3. Hard Water and Water Softeners

Problem: Hard water causes white scale build up on fixtures throughout your home and leaves similar stains in showers and bathtubs. Not only is this visually displeasing, this scale build up also happens within plumbing and water using appliances, causing them to break down much more quickly over time. This results in expensive maintenance and repairs. Additionally, hard water can cause dry skin and hair, along with making soap and other cleaning products lather very poorly. Hard water is a very common problem across homes in the United States.


Solution: Water softeners address this by replacing calcium and magnesium ions with sodium, in a process called ion exchange. This process eliminates the damaging hard water by softening it, making it kinder to both your home's infrastructure and your body. The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Deluxe Water Softener is an excellent choice for effectively softening water for homes of varying sizes. This NSF certified, USA made system is backed up with a 5 year manufacturer warranty on the Fleck control valve, and a 10 year manufacturer warranty on the media tank.

4. Odor or Strange Taste in Water and Carbon Filters

Problem: Unpleasant odors or tastes in water are often caused by chlorine or other chemicals used to treat municipal water supplies.


Solution: These problems can be easily resolved with the use of carbon filters. The Fleck 2510SXT Whole House Carbon Filter excels in removing these contaminants and improving water taste and smell. The system uses Centaur Carbon, which is yet another filtration media that outperforms all others in the industry.

5. Bacterial Contamination and UV Light Disinfection Filter

Problem: Bacterial contamination poses a serious health risk that can cause intestinal issues, carry infections, and heavily impact your family's quality of life. This bacteria can't be seen by the human eye and can require sophisticated testing to properly identify. It can be quite a serious problem that should be dealt with urgently and with professional assistances.


Solution: First the bacteria contamination must be confirmed through proper testing. Then, UV light disinfection filters, like the Viqua VH410 UV Water Purification System, can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses without chemicals, ensuring safe drinking water for the household. This system shines UV light through the water, killing off the harmful microorganisms found present within.


Addressing these common water issues in your home is crucial for health and comfort. From acid neutralizers to UV light disinfection filters, choosing the right water treatment system to address your home's water problems can significantly improve your water quality. Protect your home and health by selecting the best filtration solution for your needs.

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