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Unlocking Health and Savings: The Power of Home Water Filtration

For nearly three decades, Mid Atlantic Water has been solving problems for homeowners struggling with water quality issues. Our mission is clear: to enhance your home's water, save you money, and protect your health. In this article, we delve into how proper water filtration can be a game-changer for your household.

Common Water Problems and Their Impact

Several water issues can plague your home, each with its unique challenges:

  • Acidic Water: Can cause corrosion in pipes and appliances, leading to expensive repairs.
  • Hard Water: Results in scale buildup, reducing the efficiency of appliances and increasing energy costs.
  • Iron Contamination: Leaves unsightly stains on fixtures and can affect water taste and quality.
  • Bacterial Contamination: Poses significant health risks, potentially causing gastrointestinal illnesses.

Benefits of Filtered Water

Properly filtered water not only tackles these issues head-on but also offers numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Health: Removes contaminants, ensuring safe drinking water. This helps prevent any problems that could be causing gastrointestinal issues or drying your skin and hair out.
  • Cost Savings: Prolongs the lifespan of appliances, cutting down on repair and energy bills.
  • Better Quality of Life: Improves taste and quality of water, making everyday activities more enjoyable.

Solutions from Mid Atlantic Water

At Mid Atlantic Water, we offer a range of solutions to combat these water quality issues:

  • Acid Neutralizers to balance pH levels and prevent corrosion.
  • Water Softeners to soften hard water, improving its quality and appliance efficiency.
  • Iron Filters to remove iron contamination, enhancing water taste and preventing stains.
  • UV Light Filters to eradicate bacterial contaminants, ensuring safe drinking water.
  • Carbon Filters to help improve the taste of water and remove common contaminants like metals and sediments.


With nearly 30 years of expertise, Mid Atlantic Water stands ready to transform your water quality, bringing health and savings into your home. Whether you're battling hard water, iron, or any other contaminant, we have the right solution for you. Don't let water problems dictate your life; take control with Mid Atlantic Water.

We're Here To Help You

Don't hesitate to seek professional assistance when needed. Our experts at Mid Atlantic Water have been helping customers make the right choice for their home's water problems for nearly 30 years. If you have any questions on which water filtration system is right for your home, we're here to help. Contact us however you'd like:

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