Vortech Platinum vs. Gold Series: Choosing the Right Acid Neutralizer for Your Home

The Definitive Guide to Acid Neutralizers: Vortech Platinum vs. Gold Series

When it comes to safeguarding your home's water supply from the detrimental effects of acidic water, choosing the right acid neutralizer is crucial. At Mid Atlantic Water, we offer two premier solutions: the traditional Gold Series acid neutralizer and the advanced Vortech Platinum series. Each system boasts unique features designed to combat acidic water, but understanding their differences is key to selecting the best fit for your home.

The Menace of Acidic Water

Acidic water, with a pH below 7, poses a significant threat to household plumbing and appliances. Originating from your aquifer, its corrosiveness can cause pinhole leaks in copper pipes, leave unsightly blue-green stains, and inflict costly water damage on your home and appliances.

Gold Series: The Gravel-Based Standard

The Gold Series acid neutralizer, a gravel-based system, utilizes a distributor tube and basket to evenly distribute water through a bed of gravel and calcite. This traditional method effectively raises water pH but may experience reduced flow rates and efficiency due to the gravel's restrictive nature.

Vortech Platinum: Efficiency and Performance

The Vortech Platinum series revolutionizes acid neutralization by replacing gravel with a Vortech plate, ensuring even water distribution and preventing channeling and solidification within the media bed. This innovative design not only optimizes pH adjustment but also significantly enhances water flow rates, providing up to 17 gallons per minute compared to the Gold Series' 12 gallons per minute.

Why Vortech Outshines Gold

Opting for the Vortech Platinum series over the Gold Series is an investment in efficiency, performance, and maintenance ease. Despite being slightly more expensive, the Vortech system's superior flow rates and reduced maintenance requirements make it the preferred choice for homeowners seeking reliable and effective water pH correction.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding between the Vortech Platinum and Gold Series acid neutralizers ultimately depends on your priorities: cost-efficiency or peak performance. While the Gold Series remains a solid option, the Vortech Platinum series stands out as the top performer, ensuring a powerful and efficient solution to acidic water problems in your home.

Our ultimate recommendation is the Clack 2.5 Cubic Foot Non Backwashing Vortech Acid Neutralizer. This system has left countless customers happy and satisfied with their acid free, neutral water, safe for both their homes and their families.


Acidic water's corrosive nature demands a robust and efficient neutralization solution. Between the Vortech Platinum and Gold Series acid neutralizers, the Vortech system clearly leads in terms of performance and maintenance benefits. Investing in a Vortech Platinum series acid neutralizer from Mid Atlantic Water is a proactive step toward protecting your home's plumbing, enhancing water quality, and ensuring peace of mind.

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