The Urban Homeowner’s Guide to Water Filtration

Living in urban areas on the East Coast brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to the quality of the water going into your home. Homeowners often face issues ranging from chlorine taste and odor to concerns about lead contamination and pharmaceutical residues. Let's explore these potential water issues you might be facing and the solutions to overcome them.

Common Urban Water Issues

Urban water supplies, though generally safe, can be affected by a range of contaminants. Some of the most common concerns include:

  • Chlorine Taste and Odor: Municipal water is often treated with chlorine to kill bacteria and other microbes. However, this can leave a noticeable and unpleasant taste and smell.
  • Lead Contamination: Aging infrastructure, including old lead pipes, can leach lead into the water supply, posing serious health risks.
  • Pharmaceutical Residues: Modern urban water sources can contain traces of pharmaceuticals, which standard treatment processes may not fully remove.
  • Hard Water Issues: High levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium in water can lead to scale buildup and inefficiency in appliances.

Filtration Solutions for Urban Water

To address these issues, several filtration solutions are available:

  • Whole-House Carbon Filters: Effective at removing chlorine taste and odor, as well as certain organic compounds and pharmaceuticals, providing a large improvement in overall water quality.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Highly effective in reducing a wide range of contaminants, including lead and some pharmaceuticals.
  • Water Softeners: Specifically designed to address hard water by removing excess minerals through a process called ion exchange, effectively softening the water and making it kinder to your home and body.
  • Under-Sink Drinking Water Filters: Convenient for treating drinking and cooking water directly at the tap, providing you filtered, ready to drink water.

Choosing the Right Filtration System

Selecting the right filtration system depends on the specific contaminants present in your water and your household needs. It's advisable to:

  • Test: Get your water tested to identify specific contaminants.
  • Target: Based on the results of your water home test kit or professionally done state certified water test, you will be able to determine what problems you are facing and the filters required to address them.
  • Size: Consider the volume of water your household uses daily in order to determine the proper size for your home.

Our Recommended Systems:

Once the water problem your home is facing is narrowed down and the size of your home in occupants and the amount of bathrooms and water usage your home experiences are determined, a proper filtration system can be selected.


Luckily, we've been in this industry for 30 years and have been helping customers across the country solve their home water problems. Our most recommended systems based on the problems you're facing are:

  • Chlorine taste and smell - Clack Vortech Non Backwashing Whole House Carbon Filter. This filter will eliminate the foul tastes and smells your water carries due to the chlorine its being treated with.
  • Poor quality drinking water - NRO4-50 Reverse Osmosis SystemThis filter clears out contaminants like lead, nitrates, bacteria, radium, and chemicals, providing you with clean and healthy drinking water.
  • Hard water - Fleck 5600SXT Deluxe Water SoftenerThis water softening system will alleviate the hard water problems that cause limescale build up, ruin appliances, and dry out your skin and hair.


    Urban homeowners on the East Coast can face a variety of challenges with their municipal water supply. By understanding these issues and investing in the right water filtration system, you can ensure that your home has safe, clean, and great-tasting water. Remember, the key to effective water filtration lies in identifying your specific water quality issues and choosing a system that addresses them effectively.

    Urban Water Filtration: Addressing Municipal Water Concerns

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