Best Carbon Filter Brands To Fix Your Bad Tasting Tap Water

When it comes to ensuring the water in your home is clean, tastes good, and is odor-free, whole house carbon filters are the perfect solution. Particularly, the Clack and Fleck brands, coupled with Centaur Carbon media, present a superior solution for comprehensive water filtration.

How Carbon Filters Work

Carbon filters operate through a process called adsorption. This means they attract and hold onto particles and impurities found in water, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and sediments. The result is water that is not only cleaner but also tastes and smells better.

Key Issues Solved by Carbon Filters

These filtration systems are particularly adept at addressing common household water issues. They effectively remove chlorine and its by-products, reduce potential harmful contaminants like pesticides and solvents, and eliminate unpleasant odors and tastes.

Superior Brands: Clack and Fleck

When it comes to reliable carbon filters, Clack and Fleck are leading brands. They offer robust, efficient filtration systems capable of handling a household's water demand. Enhanced with Centaur Carbon, the best carbon filter media in the market, these systems ensure top-notch water quality.


Our two best recommendations would be:

Both of these systems are excellent choices for your home and come in a range of sizes from 1.0 to 2.5 cubic feet. They are USA made, come with reliable warranties, and are engineered for maximum filtration efficiency and longevity.


Whole house carbon filters by Clack and Fleck, enhanced with Centaur Carbon, offer an unparalleled solution for improving your home's water quality. These systems tackle a wide range of water issues, ensuring that every tap in your home delivers clean, safe, and pleasant-tasting water. Explore Mid Atlantic Water's collection to find the perfect fit for your home.

We're Here To Help You

Don't hesitate to seek professional assistance when needed. Our experts at Mid Atlantic Water have been helping customers make the right choice for their home's water problems for nearly 30 years. If you have any questions on which water filtration system is right for your home, we're here to help. Contact us however you'd like:

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