Why Homes on Well Water Need Iron Filtration

Identifying Iron in Well Water

Identifying iron in well water is crucial, as it's often the cause of orange-brown stains in toilets, tubs, and showers, and can even affect the color of your hair and laundry. Conducting a water test is the first step to determine the iron content and the pH level, which is essential for choosing the right filtration system.

The Importance of Water Testing

Testing your water is critical to understanding the level of iron present and the pH balance. Home test kits available at stores like Home Depot are a convenient and accurate option for this. These test kits are super simple to use with instructions covering the few steps needed right on the back of their packaging. Knowing these levels helps in selecting the right sizes and types of water filtration systems for your home.

Katalox Light: A Superior Iron Filtration Solution

Katalox Light is a highly effective medium used in iron filters to remove iron, sulfur, and manganese from well water. Its unique property also helps to raise the pH level of your water, which is crucial for effective iron removal. Unlike other filtration methods, Katalox Light provides long-lasting results with little to no maintenance.

Choosing the Right Size Filter

The size of the iron filter you need depends on the number of people in your home, the iron content in your water, and your overall water usage. For instance, a 2.5 cubic foot Katalox Light iron filter is ideal for a household of 4 to 6 people with a high iron content of 20 parts per million, while a 1.5 cubic foot model may suffice for smaller households of 2 people with significantly lower water usage. Check this useful resource if you'd like more insight on sizing an iron filter for your home.


If your home relies on well water, investing in a proper iron filtration system is essential for maintaining clean and safe water. Katalox Light iron filters are a reliable solution, effectively removing iron and balancing pH levels without the need for frequent maintenance. Our most recommended model would be the Fleck 2510AIO 2.5 cubic foot advanced iron filter, which left countless customers happy and free of iron in their water supply. Choosing the right size ensures optimal performance for your specific needs, safeguarding your home against iron-related water issues.

We're Here To Help You

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