Why Every City Home Needs a Carbon Water Filter

The Benefits of Carbon Filters for Urban Residents

In urban settings, where municipal water is the primary source of household water, residents often face the common issue of chlorine taste and smell in their water. This not only affects the taste of the water, but can also impact the flavor of the cooking done with that same water. Carbon filters are the ultimate solution to this problem, offering city residents a way to enjoy cleaner, tastier water directly from their taps.

Why is Chlorine Added to City Water?

Chlorine is commonly used by municipal water treatment facilities to disinfect water, killing bacteria and other microorganisms that can be harmful to health. While effective for disinfection purposes, chlorine can leave behind a noticeable taste and odor that many find unpleasant.

How Carbon Filters Work

Carbon filters use a process called adsorption, where chlorine and other contaminants are attracted to and held by the carbon particles as water flows through the filter. This not only removes the taste and smell of chlorine but also can reduce other contaminants such as pesticides, industrial solvents, and certain heavy metals.

The Health and Aesthetic Benefits

Removing chlorine and its by-products from your water can have several benefits. Not only does it improve the taste and odor of your water, making it more pleasant to drink, but it can also reduce the risk of skin irritation and dryness for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, carbon filters remove sediments from your water, which can cause damage to your water-using appliances over time. These problems are a headache that can be entirely avoided with a proper carbon filter for your home.

Choosing the Right Carbon Filter

When selecting a carbon filter, consider factors such as the size of your household, water usage, and the specific contaminants you want to target. Whole-house carbon filtration systems ensure that all the water entering your home is treated, providing comprehensive coverage, while under-sink or countertop models focus on improving the water at a single point of use.

Our Recommended Carbon Filter

We recommend using a whole house system so that all of the water in your home is accounted for and properly filtered. Our most frequently purchased system, the Clack Non Backwashing Whole House Carbon Filter, has left countless customers happy and free of these water problems in their homes. It uses the state of the art Centaur Carbon and is very easy to both install and maintain.

We're Here To Help You

Don't hesitate to seek professional assistance when needed. Our experts at Mid Atlantic Water have been helping customers make the right choice for their home's water problems for nearly 30 years. If you have any questions on which water filtration system is right for your home, we're here to help. Contact us however you'd like:

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