Iron in Your Tap Water: Visible vs Invisible

When we think of iron in our water, visions of rusty, reddish-brown streams often come to mind. But did you know that there's a silent, 'invisible' type of iron lurking in many households' tap water? In this article, we discuss the two types of iron you may be dealing with at home.

Ferric Iron: The Red Water Culprit

Often referred to as red water iron, ferric iron is immediately identifiable due to its reddish-brown hue when it flows out of the tap. This form of iron has already been exposed to oxygen and thus, has oxidized, leading to its distinct color. Not only is it unsightly, but its presence in your water can also indicate potential plumbing issues and other unwanted contaminants.

Ferrous Iron: The Invisible Invader

Unlike its ferric counterpart, ferrous or clear water iron is not immediately visible. In its unoxidized state, it flows clearly from the tap and only reveals its presence when exposed to oxygen. This oxidation can lead to stains and discolorations on various surfaces where the water evaporates, leaving the iron behind.

Common Issues Caused by Iron in Water

Regardless of their type, both ferric and ferrous iron can wreak havoc in your household. Here are some common problems associated with them:

  • Stains: Iron-laden water can leave stubborn stains on toilets, showers, laundry, sidewalks, and even vinyl.
  • Metallic Taste: The presence of iron gives water a distinctive metallic flavor, making both drinking and cooking a less enjoyable experience.
  • Damage: Over time, these iron particles can accumulate and damage hot water heaters and other appliances.

Iron Filtration: The Solution

Thankfully, you don't have to endure the hassles of iron-contaminated water. Iron filters are designed to treat and remove both types of iron from your water supply. For the best results, the Fleck 2510AIO Katalox-Light Advanced Iron Filter comes highly recommended. It is known for its effectiveness in treating both ferric and ferrous iron, ensuring you have clean, clear, and iron-free water.

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