Iron Filters Aren't Just for Iron: What Else Can They Remove?

When you think of an iron filter, its primary purpose is usually obvious: to remove iron from your water supply. But, what if you're dealing with more than just iron? Can iron filters tackle other contaminants as well? The answer is yes and this article will show you why.

What Do Iron Filters Actually Do?

At their core, iron filters are designed to oxidize and filter out iron from water. They typically use a two-stage process that involves oxidation and filtration. During the oxidation stage, a pocket of air at the top of the filter oxidizes the iron, sulfur, and manganese, transforming them into particles. In the filtration stage, these particles pass through a media bed—often composed of Katalox Light or other filtration media—that traps and removes them from the water.

Iron Filters: Beyond Iron Removal

Many modern iron filters are capable of multi-contaminant removal. Advanced filtration media, such as Katalox Light, enables the filter to remove not only iron but also manganese, sulfur, and even heavy metals like arsenic and lead. This is an upgrade from traditional media like Sand and Greensand, which are usually less versatile.

The Fleck 2510AIO: A Multi-Purpose Marvel

Our best-selling iron filter, the Fleck 2510AIO Advanced Iron Filter, utilizes Katalox Light Filter Media for efficient and comprehensive filtration. Here are some quick facts about its capabilities:

  • Removes iron (up to 30 ppm)
  • Eliminates sulfur (up to 10 ppm)
  • Filters out manganese (up to 15 ppm)
  • Removes arsenic, lead, color, and odors from water
  • Raises pH of water to bring it closer to neutral
  • No annual maintenance required

Why Katalox Light is a Game Changer

Katalox Light, developed in Germany, and manufactured in the USA, is a revolutionary advanced filtration media. It performs high-level filtration tasks that include the removal of color and odor, and efficient reduction of arsenic, zinc, copper, lead, radium, and other heavy metals.


Iron filters have come a long way and are no longer just for iron removal. If you're interested in a versatile solution that tackles multiple water issues, the Fleck 2510AIO Iron Filter with Katalox Light Filter Media could be the answer. For a more comprehensive look at iron filtration, check out our comprehensive guide to iron filtration.

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