Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer

Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer
Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer
Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer
Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer
Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer
Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer
Upflow Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer
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Included With This Package

  • 1.5 cubic foot Vortech media tank
  • Clack C1190 control valve 
  • 1" male threaded connections
  • Clack bypass valve
  • Upper distributor basket
  • 3, 50lb bags of calcite media
  • Fill funnel
  • Free service funnel
  • Free fill funnel
  • Due to supply chain issues shipping times may vary
  • Free shipping to all lower 48 states
  • Made in the USA

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About the Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot Upflow Acid Neutralizer Vortech Tank & Calcite

The non backwashing (or upflow) acid neutralizer does not require a drain line or electricity. It can easily be installed anywhere.

We recommend installing the unit in the upflow mode. That means as you use water, it travels down the center distributor tube and up through the media bed, just as if it were being backwashed. The upward motion of water through the media bed eliminates channeling and solidification of the calcite media, while at the same time does not waste any water like a backwashing system.

Backwashing systems on average discharge 100-150 gallons during the backwash cycle - which typically goes into your septic system. The upflow system is the most effective, efficient and safest way to raise your PH level in your household water supply.

Along with the Non-Backwashing Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Vortech Tank Acid Neutralizer, a fill funnel, a service funnel, and three (3) bags of calcite media. The 1.5 cubic foot acid neutralizer tank dimensions are 54" tall (58" with control valve) and 10" in diameter.

The Clack C1190 control valve is non-backwashing, meaning it doesn't require any electricity or a drain line. It also comes with a built-in bypass with single ball valves that lets you control the flow coming into the unit and going out of the neutralizer. Also, it has 1" threaded male adapter connections that rotate 365 degrees, which makes installation much easier.

Why Vortech?

Vortech distribution systems utilize a more efficient distributor plate design to reduce water usage and improve system efficiency compared to traditional cone and gravel systems. This unique design when used as an upflow acid neutralizer eliminates channeling, eliminates solidification and allows greater contact time with the calcite media bed.

The vortech tank has a molded platform at the bottom which is capable of supporting up to 6500 lbs. The platform has tiny slits cut into it which allows water to pass through at a high flow rate and in a circular direction which eliminates channeling of the media bed. You do not have to worry about using gravel to bed the system like traditional acid neutralizer gravel bedded tanks.

Sizing Guide:

    • 2-5 people in the home

    • 1-3 bathrooms in the home
    • treats pH levels of 6.0 - 6.9 using plain calcite
    • Raises the pH to a neutral 7

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates corrosion of your plumbing and water using appliances
  • Naturally and safely raises the Ph of your water supply to neutral
  • Upper distributor basket prevents calcite media from escaping the tank
  • 1.5 cubic foot vortech media tank
  • 1-1/4" fillport to add calcite media
  • Clack C1190 control valve
  • Tank dimensions 10" in diameter x 54" tall
  • Total height of system with control valve is 58"
  • Clack bypass included
  • Clack 1 inch threaded male connections included
  • Non backwashing, no backwash drain or electric needed
  • 3, 50lb bags of calcite media included
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on control valve
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty on media tank body
  • NSF certified
  • Free Shipping To All Lower 48 State
  • Made In The USA
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Travis P.
United States United States

Easy set up and installation

I installed this to resolve a low PH issue in my home. PH was around 5.4, and it was doing some interesting things to my daughters hair. It took around 2 months to get the unit once it was ordered. It came via lift gate truck on a pallet. The delivery was great, and the unit was complete with no damages or issues. The tank is a fairly simple fiberglass tank and once you fill it with neutralizer and water it isn't going anywhere. I watched the videos from Mid Atlantic, and they were very clear and complete. Hook up was simple. Although the unit comes with bypass valves, I would also recommend installing shut off valves on the input and output to simplify things when you need to refill or if there are other issues.

midatlanticwater.net Non-Backwashing Clack 1.5 Cubic Foot (10x54) Acid Neutralizer Review
Richard D.
United States United States

Superior Calcite

I have a vortex tank and other brands would flush out of the system during the backwash cycle. This calcite is more dense and stays in the tank.

Kevin P.
United States United States

2.0 acid neutralizer

Easy install. The tank was missing the media fillport cap. I sent them a message and one was supposed to ship but I never received it. I was able to repurpose the one off my 15 year old softner. PH is now between 6.8 and 7.2.

Karen C.
United States United States

Works great

Love it Highly recommend

ugur y.
United States United States

does its job

this made me pass water inspection... thanks so much!

Justin D.
United States United States

Had to cancel order

The company was very responsive, I give them credit for that. There was a part unavailable and it pushed back production for 3 months, after another issue came up I said forget it I need a refund and they handled it quickly and professionally.

michael g.
United States United States

Great service

Fairly easy to install and prompt replies to questions I had. Great service, highly recommend.

Karen C.
United States United States


Just had this installed last week, did the ph test today and am very pleased with the results. We had our copper pipes replaced with pex pipe and so we had the plumber install the unit. He had a difficult time putting the calcite in it with the funnel it came with because it didn't fit the opening, but used something else he had. It's been a long time waiting due to shipping issues and the pandemic, but I am glad I did wait because I am pleased with the final results.

United States United States

Purchased Calcite - Acid Neutralizer Media - 50lb Bag

no problems at all nice and quick

Thomas O.
United States United States

A Great Acid Neutralizer

Very, very swift (free) shipping!