Why a Water Softener?

blog_detailsWater is supposed to be soft rain water is soft when it hits the ground it becomes hard when it passes through and dissolves rock formations under the ground such as limestone. I know alot of you say it feels slippery and i can't rinse the soap off in the shower but it's just the opposite your cleaner then you ever have been when you shower or bath in soft water. when you bath in hard water soap leaves a film on your skin which clogs your pores which in turn can gives you dry itchy unhealty skin. A water softener removes hardness from the water which allows soaps shampoo's body wash shaving cream etc to rinse away freely unclogging your pores and allowing your natural skin oils to come out giving you smooth silky skin. It is also very beneficial for people who have psoriasis exzema acne and other skin conditions. Dermatologists recommend people get water softeners all the time to help remedy these conditions My youngest daughter has psoriasis and soft water does an amazing job of relieving the symptoms. Other household benefits of soft water are no scale buildup in your plumbing and water using appliances hotwaters heaters are 20-29 percent more efficient with soft water less soap scum build up in tubs and showers you will use 1/3 less laundry detergent and household cleaners shampoo etc water softeners also eliminate iron lead radium and maganese in the water as well. All in all the water softener is the a household appliance with major benefits and will pay for itself over time. if you have questions or concerns about which softenr is right for your family please call or email me.

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