Whats Your Water Like?

blog_detailsCity Water. Pure clean water is H2O and anything else in the water is a contaminant. Yet there are so many things that can make their way into water and affects its quality. Municipal water treatment facilities for the most part do a good job of providing you with clean safe water but are government standards for allowable contaminant levels good enough for you? and what about the more than 20 percent of systems in the U.S. that are in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act? What about all the information about pharmaceuticals in water as well as other contaminants that have made their way into public drinking water supplies its no wonder people are looking for ways to safeguard their drinking water. Additionally water treatment facilities test the water quality on site but thats before it travels through a large outdated distribution system to get to your home. What happens to the waters quality the? Water can pick up a number of contaminants as it travels to your home and through the pipes within your home. that's not very comforting considering the American Society of Civil Engineers rated the U.S. drinking water infrastructure and gave it a D- grade. For city water supplies chlorinating the water is neccessary for disenfection and it must stay in the water while it is being distributed. But once it reaches your home it is no longer needed. In addition to the unpleasent taste and smell of chlorinated water many have heard about possible side effects of drinking chlorinated water. chlorinated water is also known to dry out skin and hair as well as rubber seals in plumbing and water using appliances. We can help solve all of these pronlems for those of you who live on city or town water. Well Water Pure clean water is H2O and anything elase in water is essentially a contaminant. Yet there are so many things that can make make their way into water and affects it quality. We've seen homes with a variety of water issues like sulfur hardness and iron and one of the most common problems Acid Water. But some homeowners have battled with water that contains bacteria viruses volitile organic compounds total dissolved solids and a number of other contaminants. do you know what the quality of your well water is like? If you have a private well you as the homeowner are responsible for the quality of the water in your home. It's suggested that homeowners have their well tested every year yet many people only test the waters quality when they build or purchase their home. Even if your weel water tests fine your water must travel through pipes in your home before it reaches your tap. those with older homes that have older plumbing may want to have their water tested for lead. most people don't really know much about the quality of their well water. And worse yet they don't know how to solve their water pronlems once they realize they have them. We can help. Give us a call.

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