What Type of Acid Neutralizer Do You Need

What Type of Acid Neutralizer Do You Need Acid water is a very common problem for homeowners who live on well water.   We ship acid neutralizers all over the United States and treat ph levels from 4.0 - 6.9.   There are two types of acid neutralizers backwashing and non-backwashing.  They both work in the same manner - water passes through a calcite media bed when being used and becomes neutral 7.   A backwashing acid neutralizer has an electronic control valve which automatically initiates a backwash cycle at least once a week in which the control valve reverses the flow of water from downflow to upflow in order to eliminate channeling of the media bed and eliminate clumping of the media bed.   A non-backwashing acid neutralizer or upflow does not utilize an electronic control valve.  The non-backwashing system uses a basic control valve that does not require electricity or a drain line which makes installation fairly simple and does not waste water.  With the non-backwashing acid neutralizer when water is being used it flows down thru the center distributor tube and up through the calcite media bed (upflow) eliminating channeling of the media bed as well as clumping of the media bed and does not waste any water. A backwashing acid neutralizer will use 100 - 200 gallons of water during its backwash cycle. With the state of the art electronic controls the backwash and rapid rinse times can be reduced or increased depending upon the condition of your water. Both types of acid neutralizers are self-regulating. Once the water reaches neutral 7 the calcite media stops being dissolved. When choosing what type of acid neutralizer is right for your home you have to consider: ph level number of people in the home and number of bathrooms in the home.   Example: if you have a ph of 5.5 and 3-5 people living in the home you would install a 2.5 cubic foot system in order to raise the ph to neutral during peak water usage and have good flow rates when more than one fixture is being used.   For water supplies that contain iron you will have to install a backwashing acid neutralizer to ensure the bed does not become fouled with iron. If your well puts out large amounts of sediment its a good idea to install a sediment filter after the well tank and before the acid neutralizer.   Before you purchase an acid neutralizer make sure you test the ph iron and hardness level of your water supply.  Lowes and Home Depot have accurate test kits in the plumbing section.   Acid neutralizers will also increase the hard water level in your water supply so a water softener may have to be installed if the hardness level reaches 7 grains per gallon or above. If you have questions or need assistance in choosing the correct system for your home call us at 800 460 5810 or email us at support@midatlanticwater.net

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  • I feel the cost of repairing the salt tank and neuralizer at 2k is to high. Resin it the better word for the neuralizer
    Ecowater 2100 PF12

    Leroy Bell

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