Water Systems Make Sure Your Getting the Real Thing.

prod-3In the water treatment industry there are 3 main media tank manufacturers Enpress Park and Structural. All good tanks with Enpress leading the way. There are also 3 main valves in the industry Fleck Clack and Autotrol Fleck and Autotrol are owned by Pentair and Clack is a privately held company. Fleck and Clack have always been the best selling and most reliable valves in the industry Autotrol has had problems over the years with their flapper and cam design for the backwash I know this because we used to be an Autotrol dealer years ago and experienced those problems. Dealers like me work with a manufacturer to design systems using these components to sell to the general public and these name brand products are the one's you want to install in your home or business. Now in the last few years we have seen what i call knockoff products coming in from China these products look similar to the products made here in the USA but don't bare the brand names listed above. Some dealers are selling these products on the web at low prices so you need to be careful when shopping for a water system online or in your local area. Make sure you verify it's a name brand product manufactured here in the USA. If you you may have issues with warranty and the ability to aquire parts in the future. If you have questions or concerns or need help in choosing the right water system for you home please contact us. Phone: 800 460 5810 Text: 800-460-5810 Email: info@midatlanticwater.net

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