blog_detailsI know it's confusing trying to figure out which water softener is the right one for you and your family so I'm gonna try and make it easy for you. First you need to get your water tested for hardness iron and Ph if your on city water the hardness will be your main concern on well water you need to know what the hardness is and if there is any iron and also always check the Ph level in well water you will need to install an acid neutralizer if the Ph is below 7. So once you have had the water tested and received the results you need to take into consideration the number of people in your home is there outside water usage and how much for instance do you wash your cars alot do you have a pool do you have livestock horses etc. Then take the amount of hardness iron if there is any (1 part per million of iron equals 5 grains of hardness per gallon of water) so add that to the formula if needed. Also the average water usage for one person per day in the US is 75-100 gallons per person per day kids included. So if your hardness is 10 gpg(grains per gallon) and you have 4-6 people living in your home with normal water usage i would suggest a 48 000 grain demand water softener it will give you plenty of capacity the demand systems have a flow meter so based on hardness and gallons used it will only regenerate as need saving money on salt and putiing less water into your septic system. This is just one example but it's the most common. The greater the amount of hardness in the water the larger the water softener you will need. If you install aunit that is to small it will need to regenerate much more often using more salt and dumping a huge amount of water into your septic system bigger is better when it comes to a water softener even if it's oversized the longer period of time between regenerations gives you greater efficiency and longer valve life. A unit that has to backwash multiple times a week won't last as long. If you need help in choosing any type of water system call us at 800-460-5810 monday-Sunday 8am-8pm. Thank You Mid Atlantic Water

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