Water Softeners VS Salt Free Conditioners

main salt free water softener from mid atlantic waterWater softeners will remove a multitude of different contaminants including hard water Iron Radium Lead Manganese etc. While the salt free conditioner will only convert hardness or scale in the water into an microscopic crystal preventing it from attaching itself to your plumbing and water using appliances the salt free conditioner will not remove iron or manganese in fact they will affect the performance of the Salt Free Conditioner. The Salt Free Water Conditioners are geared more toward city water supplies than well water supplies. A Water Softener does require using salt and you need a drain line and electric outlet which the Salt Free conditioner does not but for overall performance and benefits the Water Softener is the better choice for any type of water supply well or city water. I have tried both and went right back to the Water Softener it's better for your skin hair drinking cooking laundry bathing and for protecting your plumbing and water using appliances We sell both types of systems with Water softeners out selling the salt free conditioners. If you need help in choosing the right system for your home please call or email by going to our contact page.

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