Water Softeners Salt Free Softeners and Soft Water

Now for those of you who have read my existing posts or for those of you who are existing customers you have read or have been told about water softeners soft water and the salt free systems. So here we go again. Other websites post information some true some false about water softeners salt free water softeners and soft water. A water softener is a great appliance and yes it is considered an appliance it is designed to remove hard water it can and does a great job of removing iron in solution and at the same time provides you with some cost saving benefits Water Softener: Removes hard Water Removes Iron in Solutions Protects Plumbing and Water Using Appliances Reduces soap detergent and cleaners usage by 1/3 Laundry is softener and brighter Prevents Soap Scum Buildup In Tubs Sinks and Showers Helps Eliminate Dry Skin Psoriasis and Eczema Is"s helped reduce acne with my kids Does not add a lot of sodium to your drinking water supply regardless of what other sites say. See our M2510 softener 2ayo Clinic article When sizing a water softener to remove dissolved iron you must compensate 1 ppm of iron as 5 grains of hardness per gallon of water. Salt Free Softeners; No such thing as a salt free water softener Soft water can only be achieved thru ion exchange meaning you need salt or potassium as a regenerative Salt free conditioner is the proper terminology They do not remove hard water they only change the structure of the dissolved hardness so it cannot buildup in the plumbing and water using appliances. These units have to be sized correctly or they will not work properly. We have installed and tested these units. And while mid Atlantic Water sells both 98% of our customers me included chose the real water softener that uses salt. Me I love soft water can"t live without it. I see some online companies calling them salt free softeners which is a false claim so make sure you do your research. Soft Water: Great to drink some online companies put out false information in order to get you to purchase a reverse osmosis drinking water system if your on a salt free diet consult your physician. See our Soft water Mayo Clinic post. Soft water is extremely beneficial. Take it from a company that sells installs and uses water softeners on a daily basis.

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