Water Softener For Iron Removal.

fusion-ii__72707_zoom (1)Just about every part Of the US has wells that contain iron in solution. Here in Maryland we have some of the worst iron water in the country. One of the simplest ways to remove iron in solution is with a water softener. ion exchange is an excellent method for removing iron in solution and other heavy metals. if you are going to install a water softener for iron in removal you have to make sure it is dissolved iron meaning the water runs clear from your faucet and the iron will precipitate out as it becomes oxidized example iron in solution doesn't stain your toilet right away it may take days or weeks for that to happen so it can be removed with a water softener. you will also need to make sure your PH is at a level of 7 which is neutral your water softener will perform much better with a neutral PH if your PH tests below 7 you will want to install an acid neutralizer before the water softener to bring the PH up to neutral the acid neutralizer will also protect your plumbing and water using appliances from corrosion. Next you need to compensate iron in solution as hardness so for every 1 part per million of iron you will compensate that as 5 grains of hardness per gallon of water so if you have 10 ppm of clear water iron that will equal 50 gpg of hardwater you also have to factor in the raw hardness of your well water so if you have 10ppm of clear water iron and 10 gpg hard water you will have a total of 60 gpg of hardwater. At this point we would recommend if you wanted to use a softener only an 80 000 grain twin tank system such as the Fleck 9100 this tpe of softener would give the average family of 4-8 people plenty of capacity as far as household water usage. For say a family of three with average water usage and minimal outside usage you could install the Fleck 7000SXT in either the 80 000 grain or 110 000 grain the key is to install a softener with greater capacity than what you need so it won't regenerate as often conserving water and salt also it will give you greater capacity if your household water usage increases. A water softener is one of the best appliances you can install in your home it removes a multitude of water problems protects you protects your plumbing and water using appliances gives you better water for bathing drinking cooking and doing laundry. If you have any questions regarding what type and size water softener you need for your home please feel free to call us we'll be glad to help. 800-460-5810 or email us at info@midatlanticwater.net

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