Vortech Tanks vs Standard Tanks

blog_detailsHere are the differences between the two styles of tanks. Votech Tank probalbly the best tank ever made in the Water Treatment Industry and one of the only tanks still made in the USA. First and foremost the Vortech Flow System vortech tanks have a media platform molded to the bottom of the filter tank the distributor tube is attatched to that platform so it will not pull upwards into the media bed the platform is a few inches off the bottom of the tank so it allows for better flow rates now here is the best part when used as an upflow neutralizer or filter system the water flows down through the distributor tube and up through the media bed in a circular flow getting better contact time with the media and eliminating any channeling of the media bed and when used in a backwashing unit the Vortech tank creates a powerful backwash which uses less water and does a better job of cleaning the media. All of the systems we sell come with the Vortech Tanks. See the video on our website. Standard Tank standard tanks use what we call the cone and gravel method you put your distributor tube which has a cone shaped basket glued to one end down in the filter tank center it then add 40 lbs of filter gravel to hold it in place. The problem with this tank is the filter gravel cuts down on your flows rates when used as an upflow this type of system allows for channeling of the media bed (water will seek it's least path of resistance) when not forced in a specifific direction and it also slows down the flow during a backwash cycle and if you have to remove the valve from the tank usually the distributor tube pulls up into the media bed which can cause you to have to dump out and rebed the entire system. So there you have it i hope this helps you in choosing the right system for your home and please call me if you have any questions about ours systems. Aidan Owner Mid Atlantic Water

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  • Very informative, where in canada vortech rasin tanks are available.

    Abel Gomes

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