Vortech Tank vs Gravel Bed Tank

For decades the gravel-bedded tank has been the staple of the water treatment industry. The gravel-bedded tank is reliable failsafe and easy to clean since the distributor tube can be completely removed from the tank as well as the gravel bedding. The majority of tanks sold in the water treatment industry today use gravel bedding. The Vortech tank has been around for about over 10 years now and utilizes a distributor plate which is molded into the bottom of the tank eliminating the need for gravel bedding. When used in a water softener configuration the Vortech tank can be programmed to use less water since the softener resin bed is light and is easily lifted. Lift also occurs when a gravel bed tank is used in a water softener configuration. One downside to the Vortech tank is that the distributor tube is permanently mounted into the Vortech plate if the distributor tube is damaged or fails over time the entire tank needs to be replaced. If the distributor tube in a gravel-bedded tank fails or is damaged it can easily be removed and replaced at a minimal cost.  

  • The Vortech tank is more expensive than a gravel-bedded tank
  • The Vortech tank allows much better flow rates and less pressure drop
  • The gravel-bedded tanks are less expensive
  • The gravel-bedded tank is easier to clean since the distributor tube and gravel bedding can be removed
Filters such as acid neutralizers carbon filters and iron filters need to be cleaned out and rebedded every 3-5 years and the gravel-bedded tanks make this much easier than the Vortech tank. Any debris that's gets trapped below the Vortech plate is hard to remove. From our experience using both types of tanks in our local installations they are both equal when it comes to filtering capabilities and performance but the gravel-bedded tanks are considered to be more reliable easier to clean out and less costly.  The Vortech uses less water during the backwash cycle and does a better job of cleaning the media bed during the backwash and rinse cycles. For non-backwashing or upflow filters the Vortech is recommended by the manufacturer since it distributes the water evenly in an upwards circular motion allowing better contact time with the filter media. If you have questions or need assistance in choosing the correct system for your home please contact us at 800-460-5810 or email us at support@midatlanticwater.net.

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