Vortech Media Tanks The Best

I've been in the water treatment business for 22 years now and have tried all different types of media tanks from Structural and Parks and I have to say the Enpress Vortech tank we switched to 9 years ago is hands down the best water treatment media tank we have ever used.  All of our acid neutralizers water softeners carbon filters etc come with the vortech media tank.  they have better flow rates require less backwash time and use less water and best of all they made here in the USA!.  Vortech tanks a 10 steps up from the old gravel bedded style tanks.vortech 2


  • I have a well that we use only for my geothermal air and heat unit.no well water goes ant other place in the house only in the air unit. My ph is 5.7. What tank do I need to get the ph to 7 and how long will it take for the ph to consistently be at 7.

    Phillip smith
  • Can you obtain Enpress Vortech 10×54 tanks other than black?

    By preference, I’d like them unpainted. But almond would do. Want to be able to shine a strong light and get some indication, however murky, of media agitation during backflow.

    I’ve had an order with Nelson since May and they’ve still not delivered. Thinking to cancel it and obtain someplace else.


    Gan Starling, West Olive MI

    Gan U Starling
  • Do you have 10 × 54 Enpress Vortech tanks in stock? Where are you located. What would be the price
    of the tanks? Do you ship for free?

    Howard Geiogue

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