Vortech Media Tanks

vortech-cutaway_softenerIn the water treatment industry there are two types of media tanks the standard gravel bedded tank and the vortech tank which has a molded media platform instead of gravel. Years ago we only had the standard tank what we call cone and gravel type tank which means you have your distributor tube which runs down the center of the unit with a distributor basket glued to the end of it and and is kept in place by 20-40 lbs of filter gravel. The vortech tank however has a molded platform at the bottom which is capable of supporting up to 6500 lbs. The platform has tiny slits cut into it which allows water to pass thru at a high flow rate and in a circular direction which eliminates channeling of the media bed the cone and gravel tank does not. We are one of the few companies online that actually install and service water systems and over the years we have transitioned from the old style cone and gravel media tank to the new and more efficient vortech media tank for all water softeners acid neutralizers and carbon tanks. They both work but the vortech tank has features and benefits that are far superior to the cone and gravel tank such as the moled platform which gives you higher flow rates and eliminates channeling of the media bed uses less water when used as a softener or backwashing acid neutralizer and the vortech has a spaceage liner which none of the other tank brands have. Also the distributor tube is held in place by the platform so if the valve ever needs to be removed you do not have to worry about the distributor tube being pulled up into the media bed as you do with the cone and gravel tank if this happens the unit needs to be taken outside cleaned out with a hose and completely rebedded plus there is no glues used in the assembly of the vortech tank and there is with the cone and gravel tank. I have sold and installed all of the different tank brands available to the water treatment professional and the vortech tank is by far the most reliable and well made tank that I have ever used. So when shopping for a water softener or acid neutralizer you want to keep that in mind. if you have questions or concerns pleas contact me phone 800 460 5810 text 800-460-5810 email info@midatlanticwater.net.

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