Using Flomag (corosex) In An Acid Neutralizer

Using Flomag in an Acid Neutralizer I get questions from customers and potential customers on a daily basis about the use of Flomag which is corosex which is an additive you mix with calcite when your treating a very low ph level with an acid neutralizer tank.  We typically recommend a 90% calcite to 10% flomag ratio in some situations an 80/20 ratio may be used but not often.  Corosex has 5 times the power of calcite to raise the ph level of water so you never want to use to much and you want to make sure it's mixed well with calcite.  If you use to much your ph level will skyrocket and become alkaline and make the water aggressive.  I've noticed some online companies are selling small acid neutralizer tanks with a 50/50 ratio which is wrong the ph level will be to high and can cause the same problems as acidic water.  You want your ph level to be between 7-8 during peak water usage this will protect your plumbing and water using appliances from corrosion.  You also want to make sure you properly size an acid neutralizer sizing is based on ph level number of people in the home and number of bathrooms.  If you have questions or need help in choosing the correct size acid neutralizer please contact us at 800 460 5810 or email us at

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