Upgrade Your Acid Neutralizer

13x54 packageWe get calls every week from concerned homeowners that there present acid neutralizer is not working properly. In most cases the system they had installed was undersized. When choosing an acid neutralizer or any type of water system you need to know the exact levels for ph iron hardness etc then you factor the number of people living in your home that dictates how many gallons of water you will be using per day (75-100 gallons per person per day in the US) also will there be above average outside water usage filling pools livestock sprinkler system etc. Taking all of those into consideration is how we determine the size an acid neutralizer for residential use as well as any other type of water system. To eliminate alot of confusion for home owners we offer two sizes for acid neutralizers a 10x54 and a 13x54 you never want to go smaller than a 10x54 the key to raising your ph level is water contact time with the media bigger is better when it comes to water treatment. In 98 percent of our installations we use a 13x54 acid neutralizer you get superior contact time during peak water usage and it only requires service every 12-18 months sometimes longer depending upon the number of people in the home. if you you need help in choosing the acid neutralizer water softener or any other type of water filtration system please give us a call at 800-460-5810 Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm.

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