Upflow or Non Backwashing Acid Neutralizer

vortech1I recently sold a acid neutralizer and water softener package to a gentlemen from Delta Pennsylvania but before he placed the order he asked me about the differences between the backwashing and non backwashing acid neutralizers and the reason for his question was that he had read on another site that the upflow or non backwashing acid neutralizer media bed could harden up or clog since it doesn't backwashwash so I explained to him that it is virtually impossible for the media bed in an upflow acid neutralizer to harden or become clogged. The reason for this is that the water enters the acid neutralizer thru the upflow inlet travels down the center distributor tube and up thru the vortech distribution plate (pictured) and moves up thru the media bed in a circular motion just as if it was being backwashed and this occurs every time you use the water. Also all of our non backwashing acid neutralizer packages include a Rusco inline sediment filter which will eliminate dirt and sediment from entering the acid neutralizer. Mid Atlantic Water is one of the only water treatment companies that sell online who actually install and service water treatment systems and we have had excellent results with the non backwashing acid neutralizers since we started using them 16 years ago. Don"t get me wrong we sell and install the backwashing acid neutralizers as well but only when it's neccessary as they do waste over a 100 plus gallons of water when they backwash. If you have questions or need assistance please call us at 800 460 5810

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