Upflow Acid Neutralizer

13x54-packageThe Upflow Acid Neutralizer will the media harden like a brick?  The answer is no.  We have been selling the upflow or non-backwashing acid neutralizer for over 12 years now and have never had a problem with the units or the media inside of the unit.  We sell both types of acid neutralizers backwashing and non-backwashing they both perform in the same manner in how they raise the Ph of your water water passes through the media and becomes neutral.  With the upflow acid neutralizer water is always flowing from the bottom to the top so the media bed is constantly being fluffed and with the Vortech tanks we use the water is moving from the bottom to the top in a circular direction which does an even greater job of moving the media bed.  It's the same motion as a unit that uses an automatic backwash system without wasting 70 plus gallons of water.  That's right for those of you who don't know backwashing units use 70 plus gallons of water during the backwash cycle that's 70 gallons out of your well and into your septic system.  We try only to use the backwashing units when absolutely neccessary as to not waste water. So regardless of what some companies might tell you the upflow acid neutralizer is an excellent unit for your home. Easy to install no backwash drain or electrical outlet needed. If you need assistance in choosing the right unit for your home please call or text us at 800-460-5810 or email us at support@midatlanticwater.net.

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