Treating Hydrogen Sulfide in Your Water

Does your water have a distinctive rotten egg smell when you run it? This smell is a sign of hydrogen sulfide in your water. While this isn’t typically a health risk at normal levels it can discolor the water and change the way that your food tastes.

Why is Hydrogen Sulfide a Bad Thing?

Aside from the stomach-turning smell hydrogen sulfide can change the appearance and taste of your home’s water itself and any foods that you cook in the water. It can also cause an unattractive brown or yellow tint in the water itself. Over time water with high levels of hydrogen sulfide can corrode metals used for plumbing infrastructure like iron brass steel and copper. It will do the same to any dishes or silverware washed in it.

Where Does Hydrogen Sulfide Come From?

Sulfur bacteria and iron bacteria living in your groundwater will create hydrogen sulfide gas. They feed off of small amounts of sulfur released into the water by rotting plants rocks and soil. These bacteria types are often found in deep wells. In normal or low levels they do not cause any problems or unattractive odors.

Treating Water with Hydrogen Sulfide

The most efficient and cost-effective way to remove iron sulfur and manganese from your water is the Katalox filter. These units have incredible longevity and can keep your home’s water clean and safe for use. Katalox light filters also remove sediment particles down to 3 microns reduces radium levels and reduces arsenic levels. Our customers love Katalox light filters because they help restore their water to a healthy and crystal clear state.

Whole House Katalox Filter Installation and Maintenance from Mid-Atlantic Water

If you are ready to upgrade the water filtration systems you use in your home or business give Mid-Atlantic Water a call today at 800-460-5810.

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