blog_detailsDon't feel bad if trying to find the right Water Filtration system for your home. First let me clarify something with your household water supply you want a PH reading of 7.0- 7.4 with Hardness you want a reading of 0 which is soft water. This is water that is considered healthy for your plumbing and water using appliances healthy for your skin and hair healthy to drink and to cook with and reduces the number of times you will have to clean your tub and or shower which i know is important to all of us. Next when it comes to a water system for your home bigger is better thats why we limit the number of different size systems on our website. Acid neutralizers the 13x54 Non backwashing Acid Neutralizer is the best choice for all households it can handle Ph levels from 4.0 to 6.9 lower Ph levels will require add Flomag to the calcite and the manufacturer does recommend using it in the upflow mode regardless of what you hear or read the non backwashing upflow is the most effective way to raise your waters PH level period. Go with the 13x54 it's the only Acid Neutralizer you will ever have to purchase. Now the we have taken care of your Ph problems let's tackle the Water softener issue's. i know alot of you say " i don't like the way soft water feels well guess what water is supposed to feel that way rain water is naturally soft it only becomes hard as it passes through the soil dissolves rocks and becomes hard water. Therefore we need to install a Water Softening system to eliminate the hardness or scale in the water. As far as size goes again bigger is better and size does matter. in all of my installations and most of my recommendations i use the Fleck 5600SXT in the 48 000 grain capacity. it's an electronic demand unit which means it only regenerates based on your household water usage which uses less water and salt it can also remove high levels of dissolved iron in the water as well as lead radium and other heavy metal in addition to removing hard water. The softener is considered a housedhold appliance and every Home should have one they are also an excellent remedy for dry skin problems such as exzema psoriasis dry scalp acne etc. So again you want a neutral PH and soft water problem solved. if you have questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 800-460-5810 Monday - Sunday 8am-8pm. Thank You Mid Atlantic Water

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