Why Is Tannin Removal So Important?


Tannins are found in nature and they are the result of the natural decay of outdoor materials vegetation and trees. Tannins are made when groundwater runs through the soil and decaying objects and water that is high in tannins will be visibly tinted a yellow or brown shade. Tannins are common in homes with surface water or shallow wells. Why is tannin removal so important?

It Stains Your Clothing

The primary downside of water with tannins is staining. If you do not remove tannins from the water and use it for washing your clothing or even cooking it can tint everything an unappealing brown shade. The tint of the water is especially off-putting in drinking water. While it’s important to note that consuming water with tannins has no known health effects they still make the water very unappealing to drink.

Tannin Removal

If you want to remove tannins from your water supply there are several different ways you can get the job done. It’s recommended that you test for other trace minerals like iron and manganese at the same time you test for tannins to make sure there isn’t anything else dangerous lurking in your water supply.

Tannins can be removed using automatic tannin filters that utilize ion exchange techniques to get rid of the substances. These filters are very affordable and last a long time so you won’t need to worry about constant maintenance or upkeep. If you have other substances in your water an iron filter can be installed at the same time to cut down on both tannins and oxidized iron causing discoloration.

Get Rid of Tannins in Your Water with Help from  Mid-Atlantic Water

If you are ready to enjoy safe crystal-clear water at your residential or commercial property give Mid-Atlantic Water a call today at 800-460-5810. We are familiar with the latest in tannin removal technology and are happy to help!

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