Soft Water

blog_detailsWhat are the benefits of soft water the list goes on and on. Here are some of the more neccessary reasons that make having a Water Softener is beneficial. Soft Water is healthier for your skin and hair people with dry skin acne psoriasis exzema danruff and dry brittle hair will geatly benefit from soft water and here's why when you shower or take a bath in hard water soap and shampoo leave a residue on your skin and hair which does not rinse off you pores become clogged and hair especially long can be hard to manage Clogged pores lead to dry itchy skin and existing skin problems are harder to manage. You install a Water Softenr now when you bath or shower in soft water soaps and shampoo's no longer leave a residue on your skin or hair this is because soft water allows soaps and shampoo's to rinse away freely hard water does not. Some people will say soft water feels slippery not so when you bath in soft water soaps and shampoo's can no longer leave a residue which eliminates clogged skin pores which in turn allows your natural skin oils to come forth thats why you feel slippery and thats the way it should be. It's the same principle for your household plumbing with hard water you get scale buildup in the plumbing and water using appliances causing them to become ineffcient and eventually fail soft water eliminates that by removeing the scale from your household water supply. Personally I love soft water and we can't live with out it I even use it to wash our cars as well as our Chocolate Lab Bear and he is one clean shiny dog. Softeners can also remove lead in water supplies as well as iron radium and other contaminates. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me. Aidan Owner Mid Atlantic Water 800-460-5810

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