Remove the Excess Sulfates from Your Water

Sulfates are present in water throughout residential and commercial properties and they are colorless and odorless (unlike sulfur). If your water has high levels of sulfates it can lead to a wide variety of uncomfortable side effects including dehydration stomach illnesses and weight loss. It has a disproportionate effect on infants and the elderly. What is sulfate removal and how can it help your family?

How Can You Remove Sulfate from Water?

There are three main ways to remove sulfates from drinking water: reverse osmosis distillation and ion exchange. Reverse osmosis removes more than just sulfates and works by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane. On average reverse osmosis can take 93-99% of sulfates out of drinking water.

Distillation works by boiling water and then cooling down the steam so that it condenses. Anything that was previously dissolved in the water like sulfates will be left behind in the pot that held boiling water. If done properly and carefully distillation can remove 100% of sulfates in water. However distillation units are not the fastest way to filter out sulfates and it can take up to 4 hours to filter a single gallon of water.

Finally there is the ion exchange method. This is a very popular way to get any amount of sulfate out of water. Ion exchange systems use a special resin to attract the sulfate ions in the water and swap them out with other safe ions. Sulfate removal systems will not also double as water softener systems even though they work in a similar manner. Water softener systems need different resin to attract the proper ions. 

Featured Product: Fleck 2510SXT Sulfate Filter System

This sulfate filter system works in the same manner as a water softener and is designed to work effectively out of sight. The Fleck system uses anion resin to remove sulfates from the water so the moment it is installed you will be ready to go.

Sulfate Filter System Installation and Maintenance from Mid-Atlantic Water

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