Radon In Water

28330Alot of homeowners don't realize that if you have radon in the ground you more than likely can have radon in your well water supply. If you do have a radon system in your home you may want to call a local water testing lab and have your water tested for radon. If levels of radon are detected in your water supply that are unsafe you will want to have a radon in water remediation system installed. There are two different types carbon filtration and aeration. Carbon filtration is normally used for low levels of radon in the water and the tanks have to be switched out every so often and the carbon has to be properly dissposed of. Aeration is the most used method as well as the most efficient and recommended method. We sell only the aeration type system the Airaider 433 thats listed on our website it comes as a complete package ready for installation. If you have questions about radon in your water please contact us at 443 277 2203.

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