Pre Filtration

Recently I was checking out the competitions websites and noticed more and more of them are starting to sell the non backwashing or upflow acid neutralizers which we have been selling for the last 15 years. Here is the one thing they don't understand or know to include a pre filter with the non backwashing acid neutralizer. The reason is that most online retailers of water systems have never installed or serviced a unit in the field. You must have a pre filter before a system that does not backwash to protect the media bed from sediment build up otherwise you will have to take the entire unit outside empty it out and the rebed it. We always include an inline pre filter with all of our non backwashing or upflow acid neutralizer packages. The filter we include does not use a replacement filter you flush it out into a bucket by slowly opening the valve on the bottom of the filter. You can also plumb it into an existing waste water drain or sump pump. The filter is cost efficient easy to install and maintain by the homeowner. If you have any questions please call or text me at 800-460-5810.

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