Our Iron Filters (Including the Fleck 2510A1O with Katalox Light)

Iron filters like the Fleck 2510A1O iron filter with Katalox light are an innovative and practical way to keep the water at your home or business clean and safe for consumption. The iron filters that we offer are designed to remove a broad spectrum of contaminants including sulfur other odors rust dirt iron chlorine and off-putting tastes. Iron filters also work without needing regular maintenance or adding chemicals to the water to balance things out. Iron Filters: The Basics Iron filters including the Fleck 2510A1O use a three-part method to take dirty water and convert it into something safe and drinkable. First oxidation occurs. An oxidant will be added into the water to force contaminants to precipitate out for easy separation. The most common water pollutants that precipitate out are air ozone hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. Did you know that iron cannot be filtered out from water unless it is properly oxidized? The second phase involves filtration. The pre-treated water will go through a high-tech filter to get out a variety of chemicals and contaminants including hydrogen sulfide iron manganese and arsenic. The third and final step is backwashing. Backwashing uses a powerful stream of water to remove any build-up from the system and reset the filter for the next use. Why is iron removal important? Without an iron filter your water can leave behind unattractive red staining and rust in sinks and toilet bowls. Once iron exceeds .3 PPM levels the laundry and plumbing stains will become more common. Over time iron can lead to thick sludge in plumbing appliances and become permanent efficiency-reducing parts of the home. A whole house iron filter like the Fleck 2510A1O can do this for you! The Fleck 2510A1O Iron Filter with Katalox Light Mid-Atlantic Water stocks a variety of Fleck iron filters that are perfect for homes and businesses. Our most popular iron filter is the Fleck 2510A1O with Katalox light. The Fleck tank uses on average 30% less water than traditional filters for the backwash process. The filter and birm can take out up to 10 PPM of iron from your house’s water and don’t need constant maintenance or monitoring to get the job done. The Fleck 2510A1O filter is also ANSI/NSF 61 certified and equipped with a 5-year warranty on the control valve and a 10-year warranty on the media tank. The Difference Is in the Katalox Light The Katalox light is the only type of iron filter we use at Mid Atlantic Water due to its superior performance over other iron filters putting the Fleck 2510A1O iron filtration system in a class of its own. The Katalox light is in the system to take out contaminants from any water system systems including houses or businesses with heavily-contaminated water egg-like odors and bad tastes. The Katalox light can take care of removing iron manganese and hydrogen sulfide and dramatically reduce the levels of arsenic zinc lead radium copper and heavy metals. Fleck 2510A1O Iron Filter Installation and Maintenance from Mid-Atlantic Water If you are ready to upgrade the iron filtration systems you use in your home or business give Mid-Atlantic Water a call today at 800-460-5810.

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