blog_detailsNitrates a form of water pollution from fertilizers made from farm animal waste. Nitrates are commonly found in wells that are in close proximity to farm land. Farmers who grow crops use manure from pigs chickens and cows as fertilizer over time these fertilizers seep into the aquafers that supply your well. In alot of states before you purchase a home on a well they will test for nitrates to make sure the levels are below 10 PPM anything above 10 PPM requires a filtration system in order to be able to go to settlement. The reason for this high levels of nitrates in the water affect children under the age of 6 months as well as unborn children nitrates can cause what is known as Blue Baby Syndrome. There are 2 types of treatment that we recommend for nitrates in the water. The most effective is a whole house nitrate system which works on the same principle as a water softener the only difference is the resin is designed to remove nitrates. Before installing a wholehouse nitrate system you will need to test the hardness and iron levels in your water if hardwater and or iron is present you will need to install a water softener before the nitrate system. The second method of filtration is a point of use system such as a reverse osmosis or under sink nitrate filter these units are installed under the kitchen sink and have their own seperate faucet for all of your drinking water these units also require a filter change every six months. If you need help or have questions about purchasing the right system please call us at 888 299 7479. Thank You Mid Atlantic Water

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