Are Nitrates in Your Drinking Water?

Nitrates are common in drinking water in rural communities areas with well water and suburban communities. Drinking water with high levels of nitrates is dangerous and can result in major health issues including blue baby syndrome and methemoglobinemia.

Nitrates in Your Water

While nitrates are naturally occurring in rainfall and groundwater supplies they can occur at elevated levels when farmers use inorganic fertilizers or animal manure on their farmland when septic tanks leak and when homeowners use lawn fertilizers. Water should never contain more than 45 mg/l of nitrate according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s also important to pay attention to nitrate levels in your water because they can be a sign that there are other contaminants present.

Nitrate Removal

The safest and most reliable way to get rid of nitrates in your water supply is by using a reverse osmosis and whole house nitrate removal system. Reverse osmosis systems use advanced technology to remove up to 92% of nitrates in the water and restore it to safe levels. Reverse osmosis systems will also remove countless other impurities in your drinking water including organic compounds bacteria and particulates.

A whole house nitrate removal system will take them out at the point of entry to your house so you won’t need to worry about switching a filter on or off. You will enjoy safe nitrate-free water whether you are in the kitchen filling a glass of water or running a bath for your youngest child. Whole house reverse osmosis systems are the best way to protect your family and the water that they drink every day.

Whole House Nitrate Removal System Installation and Maintenance from Mid-Atlantic Water

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