Mid-Atlantic Water’s Package Deals Give You the Best Deal

As part of our mission to be the preferred water quality partner of your business and home Mid-Atlantic Water offers package deals that include acid neutralizer and water softener. These packages are carefully customized to meet the needs of homeowners and business owners that want high-quality safe water without the steep cost. Take a Look at Our Package Deals 

The Clack Acid Neutralizer The Clack acid neutralizer works by increasing the pH of your home or business’s water supply to stop the corrosion of your plumbing and water-using appliances. The Clack aid neutralizing system comes with calcite which is ideal for balancing pHs between 5.5-6.9. If you have a pH lower than that talk with the professionals at Mid-Atlantic Water about using a calcite/flomag mixture instead. The 2.5 cubic foot unit is ideal for households between 2-10 people and the 1.5 cubic foot unit is perfect for smaller houses or apartments. The Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener  The Fleck 5600SXT water softener is a Vortech media tank and hands down the best currently available on the market. The large salt tank with a safety float and automatic shutoff prevents overflow and thanks to the flexible capacities it is perfect for homes and businesses of every size. This unit also comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the media tank and a 5-year warranty on the control valve. We include a free fill funnel to add the softener resin. The Fleck 5600SXT water softener is the most energy-efficient way to perfect your water supply. The Fleck 2510SXT Acid Neutralizer The Fleck 2510SXT acid neutralizer comes with calcite is an efficient and expertly-designed acid neutralization business. Just like the Clack acid neutralizer the Fleck 2510SXT increases your home’s water pH to prevent corrosion. The Fleck unit comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the control valve and a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the media tank. The Fleck 2510SXT acid neutralizer has been consistently ranked as the best backwashing acid neutralizer in the industry! Awesome Package Deals from Mid-Atlantic Water If you are ready to upgrade the iron filtration systems you use in your home or business give Mid-Atlantic Water a call today at 800-460-5810.

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