Mechanical Water Softener or Demand Water Softener

water_softeners-blkYears ago if you purchased a water softener more than likely it would have had a mechanical control valve where you would either push in or pull out pins on a skipper wheel to set the regeneration for certain days of the week whether it was needed or not. These water softeners did a good job but the level of efficiency for salt and water usage were low and there was greater wear and tear on the control valves. Today 100% of our sales are the electronic demand water softeners they have an on board processor and inlet turbine that counts gallons used and based on the gallons used and hard water setting the system will only regenerate when needed so it's extremely efficient as far as water and salt usage. So when shopping for a water softener the electronic demand system is a much better way to go you will save money over time on salt and limit the amount of water used for regeneration. If you have questions or concerns please call us at 800-460-5810

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