Keep your Water Clean and Safe with UV Light Disinfection

The Basics of Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection systems are an innovative way of cleaning the water at your residential or commercial property. The UV rays get rid of pathogens and disease-causing microorganisms from the water by disrupting their DNA. UV light water filtration systems get rid of 99.99% of harmful microorganisms in water without needing to add in chemicals or change the taste or smell of the water. Why UV Light Disinfection? UV light disinfection is well-loved because it has a lot to offer homeowners and business owners:

  • No chemicals or compounds needed to add into the water
  • No taste or smell added to the finished filtered water
  • Very effective result with 99.99% of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms removed
  • Uses the same amount of electricity and energy as it takes to run a single lightbulb (not much!)
  • Incredibly low maintenance as all you need to do is plug it in and change the ultraviolet lightbulb once a year
  • Once you install the unit you will only need to pay to replace a lamp and sleeve once a year
  • No pans or dirty materials to dispose of
  • FDA approved method for water filtration
  • Are available in multiple different unit sizes to work for large homes (5 bathrooms or more) or smaller units (1 bathroom)
Featured Product: Sterilight UV Water Filter One of the most popular products we offer at Mid-Atlantic Water is this UV water filter system. With a stainless steel chamber 10 GPM flow rates and a large capacity it’s a perfect fit for houses and businesses of every size. It comes with wall mounting brackets so that you can place it horizontally or vertically along with a digital counter that keeps track of when the filter should be changed. With its 5-year manufacturer’s warranty the Sterilight is a great choice for UV water filtration. UV Light Disinfection System Installation and Maintenance from Mid-Atlantic Water If you are ready to upgrade the water filtration systems you use in your home or business give Mid-Atlantic Water a call today at 800-460-5810.

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