The Latest in Iron Filtration with Katalox Light

Mid-Atlantic Water stocks several varieties of iron filters with Katalox light filters. These iron filters are efficient cost-effective and approved for the removal of iron manganese and sulfur from your water. We take pride in offering these filters which are the absolute best on the market to all of our valued customers.

How Does Our Iron Filter Work?

Our iron filters with Katalox lights are single-tank systems with a small pocket of air in the top of the tank. Water slowly passes through the air pocket and the iron filter oxidizes the iron sulfur and manganese. The Katalox media will then remove everything filtered out from the tank.

Why Are Iron Filters a Great Choice?

Iron filters require no annual maintenance so they are ideal for the hands-off homeowner looking for the best service without much upkeep. They also will not need any chemicals to work properly. Katalox makes all of the difference with our iron filters because it has been shown to remove the most iron sulfur and manganese individually or all at once. Katalox can remove up to 30 ppm of iron 10 ppm of sulfur and 15 ppm of manganese. Katalox light filters can also assist in raising the pH level of your water to one that is neutral.

Why Should You Use an Iron Filter?

In the Maryland area the well water is particularly low quality due to high levels of iron and hydrogen sulfide. Iron filters are a must for homeowners with well water as they remove dangerous sediments iron manganese odor and color. Water with high levels of iron can also cause staining on plumbing fixtures without treatment. Over time those stains become permanent and leave your bathroom fixtures looking dingy. Iron filters are a particularly great filtration choice because they require virtually no maintenance and offer fantastic longevity.

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