Iron Filter

Iron Filter In the water treatment industry there are several types of iron filter media and methods designed to remove iron from your water supply.  The majority of methods require a neutral 7 ph.  Such methods include the use of Birm Filox Pyrolox KDF 85 Manganese Greensand filter media Air injection and chemical injection.  All of these methods are effective to some some degree and also require annual or monthly maintenance.  Filter media like Birm Filox and Pyrolox require a constant neutral 7 ph in order to be effective. and a an acid neutralizer must be installed before the iron filter when using these filter media with a ph under 7.  Other iron filter media such as Katalox light does not require a neutral 7 ph and it does not require annual maintenance.  Katalox light is the most effective media for removing high levels of iron sulfur and manganese.  It also has the ability to remove sediment and particulate matter down to 3 microns eliminating the need for a prefilter.  Katalox Light can also reduce arsenic and radium in your water supply. Mid Atlantic Water uses Katalox light exclusively for iron removal as it outperforms all other media available for iron removal.  We use the Fleck 2510AIO digital control valve and the  Vortech media tank which helps to enhance the performance of the Katalox Light media in our iron filter system.  Before purchasing a water treatment system have your water tested.  Lowes and Home Depot sell accurate home test kits in their plumbing supply section.  If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the correct water system for your home please contact Mid Atlantic Water at 800 460 5810.

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