Iron Filters

2510 specialIron in well water it is annoying. Here in Maryland we have some of the highest iron levels in well water found in the US. I have received calls from homeowner's on Marylands eastern shore having up to 60 parts per million of iron in their well water supply. Iron starts to stain at 0.3 parts per million. We have treated 40 parts per million and reduce it successfully to 0 using multiple filtration systems in sequence. For all levels of iron low and high the first thing you need to do is check the Ph level. This is important alot of the media's used to treat iron need a neutral PH level to be effective also you want a neutral Ph in order to protect your plumbing and water using appliances from corrsion due to acidc water. Iron levels of 1-5 parts per million and sometimes higher can be treated with a water softener providing it's iron in solution which is the most common type and the easiest to treat. Higher levels require a specific type of filter designed specifically for iron removal these can be birm filters. filox filters or multy bed filters such as the AIO Iron/Sulfur filter we have on our site. Some filters use chemicals to regenerate the media bed on a daily or weekly basis. We do not use or recommend any type of filter systems that require chemicals to regenerate and may leach into your drinking water supply. So the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a neutral Ph if not you will need to install an acid neutralizer next determine the iron level in your water supply a local water testing lab in you area is recommended if one is not available Lowes and Home Depot provide accurate home test kits. Once you know how much iron you have in the water you can begin researching the type of filtration system you will need to treat the problem. Example we encounter multiple problems on a regular basis well water with a 5.5 Ph 1 Part per million of iron and some scale or hardness. The solution Fleck 7000SXT backwashing acid neutralizer Fleck 5600SXT or 7000SXT demand regeneration water softener also known as the Power Combo. This system will raise the Ph level to neutral and remove all the iron and hardwater and at the same time be extremely efficient. Higher levels of iron will require a multiple tank system. Example we have customers that have 5.0 PH 15 parts per million of iron sulfur in the water and some hardwater. We recommended a 13x54 backwashing acid neutralizer 2 AIO iron/sulfur filters in sequence and a 65 000 grain water softener in that order. The neutralizer raises the PH to 7.0 which is neutral the tandem AIO filters remove the majority of the iron in the water and the water softener removes any residual iron and hard water and this is all done without using harmful chemicals. By the way the AIO iron/sulfur filters are what we use the most for iron removal other than water softeners they perform extremely well and require little maintenance and no chemicals for regeneration. You may also encounter red water iron water comes out of the faucet with a reddish tinge and bacterial iron which is the least common type we run into all of which can be treated successfully. If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us . Call or text us at 800-460-5810 or email us at

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