Iron Filter 1.5 Cubic Foot Fleck 2510AIO Iron Filter with Katalox Light $995.00 Shipped

Iron Filter 1.5 Cubic Fleck 2510 Iron Filter with Katalox Light

  • Uses katalox light filter media included
  • 1.5 cubic foot capacity
  • 1.5 cubic foot Vortech media tank
  • Fleck 2510SXT digital control valve with air injection
  • Removes up to 30 ppm of iron
  • Removes up to 10 ppm of sulfur (rotten egg odor)
  • Removes up to 15 ppm of Manganese
  • Filters sediment down to 3 microns iron filter with katalox light mid atlantic water
  • No annual maintenance required
  • #1 rated iron and sulfur removel system in the industry
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on control valve
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty on media tank
  • NSF Certified
  • Free Shipping To All Lower 48 States

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