If I Install An Acid Neutralizer Will I Need to Install A Water Softener?

7000Customers ask me this questions all the time and typically the answer is yes. A good working water supply for your household has a neutral Ph and zero hardwater this protects the plumbing and water using appliances gives you excellent water for bathing cooking doing laundry and drinking When a water supply typically wells has a low PH you need to install an acid neutralizer to bring it to a neutral level which eliminate corrosion of the plumbing and water using appliances. The acid neutralizer uses a natural limestone based media called calcite water passes thru the calcite and becomes neutralized at the same time the level of scale increases making the water harder by 4-6 grains per gallon of water so if you have a level of 2 gpg it will increase to 6-8. Most appliance manufacturers recommend installing a water softening system at levels of 7 gpg and above this will protect and extend the life of the appliance this goes for hot water heaters boilers plumbing fixtures etc. The majority of residential water supplies in the US contain hardwater and this is the reason why you see more and more adverstisements for water softening systems. If you do decide to install a water softener purchase and electronic demand system they are extremely efficient using very little salt and water only regenerating based on water used. If you have questions please call or text me at 800-460-5810 or email at info@midatlanticwater.net.

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