How To Service Your Acid neutralizer

Tools needed: 5 gallon bucket Calcite ( Ferguson Supply or any local plumbing supply store) 3 foot lenth of hose or siphoning device Channel locks (pliers) Funnel (Walmart automotive section has a good one) Old Towels Instructions Shut water supply off to acid neutralizer Run cold water faucet or hose bib to relieve pressure leave open Remove fill cap with channel locks gently Siphon water into 5 gallon bucket may have to do this more than once Insert funnel into fillport Add calcite media to within 10-12 inches of the top of the media tank do not over fill Remove funnel and insert fill cap back into the fillport leave slightly loose Open water supply valve a quarter of the way Let tank fill as tank fills air will purge thru the fillport that is why I said to leave the cap loose. Once water squirts from the fillport hand tighten fill cap then a quarter turn with the channel locks Fully open water supply valve to the acid neutralizer let water run to remove calcite dust and any air in the pipes once it runs clear you can turn off the faucet or hose bib. Check for leaks If you have any questions or concerns call text or email us Phone 800 460 5810 Text 800-460-5810 Email

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