How to Pick The Right Acid Neutralizer

[caption id="attachment_564" align="aligncenter" width="390"]acid_neutralizer7000_10x54 acid_neutralizer7000_10x54[/caption] There are 3 types of acid neutralizers:  

  • Back-washing
  • Non Back-washing
  • Chemical Feed System.
The back-washing and non back-washing acid neutralizers both work on the same principle   acid water passes through a large vessel and becomes during household water use.   The only difference between the two is the back-washing acid neutralizer has a a control valve on top which controls the backwash cycle   and also requires electric and a place to run a discharge line for the backwash water which is 70 plus gallons each time it back-washes. The non back-washing acid neutralizer has a valve also but it does not use electric nor does it need to backwash and it's much easier to install because no discharge line is required for backwash. The chemical feed system is a large trash can type container with a small electric pump on top.  the unit is filled with a solution of water and soda ash and when your well pump kicks on it injects the solution into your water supply also you must do maintenance on this unit monthly which entails filling the large tank with water and a soda ash. the mixture must be spot on for it to work properly. The back-washing and non back-washing acid neutralizers require much less maintenance every 12-18 months  but you need to make sure you choose the right size unit. With an acid neutralizer tank you want to choose a unit based on your PH level and the number of people living in your home not how many bathrooms you have you can have 5 bathrooms and only 2 people 2 people aren't going to be using all 5 bathrooms at the same time   we know this because we install what we sell while alot of companies are just selling water systems online. Don't buy a small acid or water softener bigger is always better   We don't recommend and acid neutralizer smaller than 1.5 cubic feet and a water softener no smaller than a 32 000 grain capacity. If you need help in sizing a system please give us a call 800-460-5810.

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