Hard Water. What Is The Best Treatment?

blog_detailsHard water is common in most well and city water supplies it can range from 2 grains per gallon to over 100 grains per gallon in the mid western states. I usually recommend treatment at 7 gpg and above thats when hard water starts to have an adverse affect on your plumbing and water using appliances. It also affects people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. A water softener will eliminate the problems associated with hard water and actually pay for itself over time. You will cut your laundry detergent usage by 1/3 as well as soap shampoo shaving cream it will make your hot water heater up to 29% more efficient. Laundry comes out cleaner and brighter your skin will be healthier and you will have less soap scum in your tub and showers. See our water softeners page for more info. if you have any questions please call us at 888 299 7479 Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm. Thank You Mid Atlantic Water

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