Fleck 7000 Electronic Backwashing Acid Neutralizer

killian self installIf you have to use a backwashing acid neutralizer the Fleck 7000 is an excellent piece of equipment We combine the Fleck 7000 electronic control valve with the Enpress vortech tank to give you what is probably the best automatic backwashing acid neutralizer in the water treatment industry today. Over the years we have tested many models from different manufacturers and the Fleck acid neutralizers have always come out on top. Features and Benefits of the Fleck 7000 Acid Neutralizer: Fleck 7000 electronic control valve Enpress vortech tank User friendly easy to program Vortech tanks use less water to backwash Fleck 7000 electronic valve let's you control the time and duration of a backwash cycle Enpress tank has a large fillport to make service easy Fleck 7000 valve comes with a bypass valve Fleck 7000 valve has flow rates up to 35 gallons per minute The Fleck 7000 acid neutralizer is available in 1.5 2.0 and 2.5 cubic foot capacities The picture posted is of a Fleck 7000 acid neutralizer in 2.0 cubic foot capacity that the homeowner installed himself and did a great job. He has since purchased a water softener well tank and reverse osmosis from us. If you have questions please contact us 800 460 5810

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