Filter Tank Sizes and Capacities

13x54-packageI know it can be extremely confusing when shopping for a water filtration system different tank sizes different capacity ratings etc. This is one of the reasons we limit the amount of products we post on our site. The products we post are products we sell and install for local customers here in Maryland as well in our own homes so we know they work and are reliable. Now getting back to tank sizes and capacities I'm going to list the different tank sizes and the cubic foot capacities they are equal too.Filter Tanks: 10x54 filter tank = 1.5 cubic foot capacity 12x52 filter tank = 2.0 cubic foot capacity 13x54 filter tank = 2.5 cubic foot capacity 14x65 filter tank = 3.0 cubic foot capacity Water Softeners: 10x54 tank size = 48 000 grain capacity 12x52 tank size = 64 000 grain capacity 13x54 tank size = 80 000 grain capacity 14x65 tank size = 120 000 grain capacity On the filter tanks especially if your purchasing an acid neutralizer never use a 1.0 cubic foot tank it will not give you the contact time needed to keep your PH at neutral during peak water usage. I hope this helps eliminate the confusion. if you have questions or need help in choosing the correct system for your home please contact us. Phone 800 460 5810 Text 800-460-5810 Email

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