Filling Your Acid Neutralizer

When you receive your acid neutralizer and unpack it the first thing you will need to do is select a spot to install it as close to the well tank as possible or where you can connect to the plumbing before it branches off into the house. Second you want to make sure the tank is as level as possible. The black boot on the bottom is adjustable just by lifting the tank and tapping the edge of the boot against the floor. Example: If you need the tank to go left tap the left edge against floor to go towards the wall tap the back edge of the boot against the floor and so on. Once the tank is in position you are ready to fill the acid neutralizer with the all the calcite included with your order. First cove the distributor tube in the center of the tank with tape then place the blue funnel that came with your order on top of the tank. Then open the calcite from the top one side of the back has a built in pour spout open the bag carefully and unfold the spout then slowly pour the calcite into the tank repeat this process using all the bags included with your order. (1.5 tank 3 bags 2.0 tank 4 bags 2.5 tank 5 bags). If you are unable to lift the bags of calcite open the top of the bag fully and scoop it into the funnel. Walmart sells a large black plastic pet food scoop that works great. Once the unit is filled to within 10-12 inches of the fillport remove the tape and mount the control valve include with your order then complete your installation. If you need assistance with installation please contact us at 800 460 5810 or email us at

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